Hey There 2018: New year New Rant!

There is something about being born in this generation that makes it taboo for a girl say out loud that one day she would like to start a family. The feminist demands have left us highly charged with emotions about what it means to be an accomplished woman in 2017. ‘Too young for marriage’  lies somewhere between puberty and the 20s, give or take a few years in the 30s. Falling in love is a private affair, any public proclamations are said to be taking our gender a few generations back. Being educated has a whole new meaning. A bachelors’ degree just isn’t good enough anymore. Let’s not forget the men who feel the need to punish us for demanding to be heard by giving us what we asked for with a hint of hidden agenda.

How did we get here? And how do we make it stop? As a woman in 2017 I would like the choice to be what I want to be. At the end of the day that is all we really want, to be given the necessary tools and opportunity to choose our paths, that’s all any human can hope for and that’s what I hope 2018 will bring, because what I do with my choice is just that, my choice.