3 Face-Washing Mistakes You Might Be Making

3 Face-Washing Mistakes You Might Be Making


1.  You use your body towel on you face

It doesn’t matter if your skin is flawless and very healthy ! Do you really want to spread your body’s bacteria from your body to your face  ? Save up for a face towel to ensure that your face is always looked after .


2.  Hot water isn’t all that

My mum always told me that hot water on my face will age me faster than her (ikr) .So warm water will be ideal for that delicate skin .


3. You use your body soap on your face.

It can be hard to cut that relationship  you have with Geisha but don’t be sad they are other cool and ah-mazing face soaps that smell good out there Body soaps work well at cleaning your legs and pits, but they have an alkaline pH. They strip the skin of its natural oils and dry it out.






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