The Ex-box


He told me “careful, if you keep this up, I am going to make you my wife one day.” Refreshing words to a  heart that knew no such permanence. All love had ever done was break me down and show me how easily a person could become a throwback. ”How can we speak of forever when we don’t know what tomorrow brings,” is all they ever said. So to meet someone who did not know me just yet,  but was not scared to think of the future was indeed a breath of fresh air. A year down the line we said our final goodbye and I wondered what I would do with that stupid necklace burning an imaginary hole into my chest and the now vacant space in my heart. What do you do with the remains of a failed relationship? We give and take gifts in the hope that one day we will look back and think about how far we have come as a couple. Do we keep them hoping to look at them one day and reminisce about how far we have come after the break up?