What not to do this Valentine’s Day

What not to do this Valentine’s Day


  1. Do not have your birthday falling on the same day as Valentine’s day

Yes you can’t help when you were born, but can’t you really? Imagine how bae has been waiting all year to be treated on this one day and bam! You decide to have your birthday on the same day. How about for this one say each year, you tone down the birth thingie and leave it just for bae. Imagine how much fun you will have choosing a new date on which to be born.

  1. DO not get you V-day gift weeks in advance of valentine’s days.

Everybody knows that prices drop around Valentine’s day. You know what I’m talking about, the specials and deals. Get one buy one free. The economy is not what it used to be, so do yourself a favour and wait until Valentine’s Day to purchase your gift a few dollars off. You wallet will thank you dearly.

  1. Do not be a cliché


Let me be real with you. Nobody wants roses or chocolate on Valentine’s day. When people say it’s the thought that counts, they were probably referring to the countless roses and chocolates for the 14th of Feb. The equivalent of that is the thought and you and I both know that it takes more than just a thought.


  1. Do not pay attention to my advice

My friend if you know what’s good for you, do not take advice from this Valentine’s day manual. Do you boo choose life and just do you.




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