It’s always a pleasure to chat to Zimbabwe’s finest. Our chat with Miss Tumelo Nare was nothing short of inspiring. Talk about an ordinary girl making her mark on this world by attempting the extraordinary. The name Tumelo Nare…if you don’t know it yet, allow me to introduce the reigning Queen and brand ambassador of Miss Zimbabwe Global Supermodel. (Global supermodel is a brand which caters for people affected by cancer)


Tumelo: I answer to the name Tumelo Juliana Nare. I was born on the 26th of June 1997. l started taking part in beauty pageants when l was in high school, a stepping stone to becoming a professional model. l have pride and determination and l believe that dreams can only come true if the dreamer believes in them 100%. l am thirsty for new experiences and l love spending time with different people because l learn new things every time.

What are your goals?

My goal is to start a non-profit organization that will assist disadvantaged children with bursaries because l believe that education is one of the most important tools to becoming a valuable citizen.

Tell us more about your cancer awareness project with Global Supermodel

My ongoing cancer awareness project is specifically for raising awareness for breast cancer. l am a woman and a model. I cannot begin to imagine what it means to have my body take away something thats a part of a woman’s anatomy. I also had an experience with a close relative who had breast cancer. It was this that made me determined to help women get themselves screened and treated.

Whats your life’s motto?

My 3′ Cs define me. Committed, Confident and Courageous.

What’s a random Fact about you?

  1. Singing is a great passion of mine, music speaks to my heart and l believe it’s one of the gifts l possess.
  2. l have worked with different brands hence l am aspiring to study accounting.

“So next year in April l will be going to Zambia for an International pageant as the Zimbabwean representative. I am humbled and excited about the opportunity.”


What are some of the hurdles you have faced in pursuing your career and how have you overcome them?

I am fortunate enough to have faced very few challenges, but through the years I have discovered that without a bit of talent and the appropriate grooming, it’s very hard for you to get to the top. I have always been keen to learn and l was groomed in preparation for the industry. l overcame the challenges I was facing and now l can say experience is the best teacher.


My mother, she is my inspiration

 Favorite song:

Nyasha Timbe-I need you


Favorite childhood memory:

When l got the first position in class and my mum bought me clothes and shoes. I felt like winning something is a great achievement. l was so happy in that moment.

Friendship deal breakers:

Selling out the secrets that we share.

Wardrobe essentials:

Sunglasses and mascara

Relationship deal breaker:

Cheating on me is my relationship deal breaker.

Pet Peeve:

Lol, the way l eat is very bad because l love food so much, so sometimes l don’t care about eating properly as long as there is food on the table.



Life is what you make it. Believe in your dreams, work on them and live the dream. Always remember to look up to God…always. He is the one who makes it happen!

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