What I Learned From My Internship

What I Learned From My Internship

Whether you are the reigning queen of internships or just a newbie when it comes to interning ,there are some things we need to share about the internship . Are  internships all about making coffee runs and copies or are they some glamorous eight months away from school ?

  1.  Internships are worthwhile

Don’t get discouraged when you are asked to make coffee for your boss or photocopy papers for the whole department -it get’s better .They were days when I was tasked with making coffee and others where I was presenting in front of management .


2.  Don’t quit the unpaid internship

Money makes the world go round and it surely helps the broke student keep the noodles away from the tummy but if your internship is an unpaid gig don’t quit just yet . Sometimes experience goes a long way than money will in your career


3.  Not every internship will turn into a job

Although an internship can turn into a job, you by no means are guaranteed a permanent position


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