6 Ways You’re Using Tampons Wrong

6 Ways You’re Using Tampons Wrong

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of  # 6

Tampons are reliable and convenient . Not only do they give us the freedom to move about but we don’t have to dig deep down our undies drawer for that reliable panty that won’t show our pad . Do You think you are acing the tampon game ?you could be wrong . Here are the common mistakes people make while using them


  1. You forget to wash your hands 

You shouldn’t only wash your hands after inserting your tampon -you have also got to do it before to prevent any germs that you might have picked up from spoiling your lady bits


2. You spend the whole day with one tampon

Allowing your very soaked tampon to chill for several hours down there can cause bacterial functions .Just like pads ,switch the oldie for the newbie every four hours


3. You forget to change it after doing a #2

Forgetting once is forgivable but twice is worrying .Bacteria from your poo can get lodged onto the string of your tampon and find its way into your lady bits (naaaaasty)


4.  You don’t insert the tampon far enough 

You’ll know because you’ll feel it: A too-shallow tampon will be super uncomfortable — you may even feel the cotton edge at the entrance to the vagina


5. You budget savvy and don’t mind the torn wrapper 

Tampon wrappers are designed to keep out the  dirt, and food crumbs that live at the bottom of your bag or anywhere else you store them. When that wrapping rips, the cotton could pick up little debris that don’t belong in your vagina


6. You don’t change after swimming 

When you take that dive, so does your tampon. A string that’s laced with chlorine, saltwater, or lake water can cause skin irritation if you don’t change it quickly.



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