5 Tips on “How To Be A Good Roommate”

Whether you are are a first year or a seasoned varsity student that seems to have trouble getting people to stay with you, these 5 tips should help you to ace the roommate gig:
1. Be Considerate
Find out what bothers your roommate and avoid doing those things. It’s a simple concept. If your roommate asks you to stop “borrowing” her clothes, then stop using her stuff. No matter how good her new jeans
would look on you.
2. Keep it Together
For the love of all that is good and clean, please shower, use deodorant, and brush your teeth. These are not mere suggestions – these
are honest, genuine pleas. They come from your roommate, friends, and the people that will suffer in the uncomfortably long and smelly bus ride/lecture with you.
3. Leave your huge cabinet at home
You will never have enough space for that cabinet – do yourself and your roommate a favour and PLEASE leave it at home.
4. Know her schedule
Don’t be blasting music at midnight when your roommate is sleeping simply because you are a morning person, that is downright inconsiderate.
5. Share snacks
We are in varsity and we are broke. Learn to share a little.
miss prowl

Just another sleep deprived university student cruising through with one-too-many cups of Rooibos Tea and a sense of humor