Do You Sleep Late Every Night? You Might Die Early

Do You Sleep Late Every Night? You Might Die Early

If you’re always sleeping late at night, whether it’s to watch your favorite TV show ,finishing off that assignment or just because you can’t get to sleep, you’re likely to die at a younger age than those who hit the sack earlier.

You might classify yourself as an ‘evening type’, like the boss at #3mobHQ but rest assured it is not doing you any good.

As study which tracked 433,268 adults in the United Kingdom over an average of six-and-a-half years found these people who are late sleepers were more likely to develop neurological disorders, psychological illness, and a higher risk of mortality than those who identify as “definite morning types.”

The participants were asked to put themselves into one of four categories:

  • definitely a morning person;
  • more a morning person than evening person;
  • more an evening than a morning person;
  • definitely an evening person.

Over the course of the study, just over 10,000 participants died, and researchers found that those who identified as “definite evening types” were 10 percent more likely to die than their sunrise-loving counterparts.

Off to sleep then…

By the way, if you are a night owl, here is a study that finds it is not your fault <- click here

Published in Chronobiology International 


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