3 Podcasts You Need To Listen To

3 Podcasts You Need To Listen To

My discovery of podcasts has been a serious game changer for me-in a good way that is . They get your mind spinning and never cease to keep you entertained. Here are 3 podcasts you need to listen to  right now. I urge you to give them a listen!

 Sadza In The Morning 

Sadza in the morning is one of the funniest podcasts I’ve listened to, I think, ever. They’ve made bus  rides and walks to school much more enjoyable.

Listen →https://soundcloud.com/sadzainthemorningpodcast



I think we all should be  in the know of what’s happening around us , but if not: #KwiriCast  is the homie you need to keep you informed (gotta stay woke FAM !) . If you don’t listen to any other podcast on this list, I think you should listen to this.  It’s a wonderful way to to catch up on everything you missed  and  the relationship segment will give you life .



Gilmore Tee Vibe

OK, seriously, if you haven’t listened to this one, where have you been?The #GTeeVibe is a Zimbabwean focused show that touches on all things Zimbabwean-gotta love your country right ? Give this guy a listen and you will definitely  end up  subscribing to the #GTeeVibe (coz cool kids hang our with cool kids )



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