Who else wants to ace the first date ?

Who else wants to ace the first date ?

Tired of not getting that second date ? Your first-date behaviors may be to blame.  So here are some do’s and don’ts of first dates.

The Do’s

Be yourself

Give your undivided attention at all times

Be fully present when conversing


Have fun


The Don’ts

Have your face on your phone most of the night

Be quiet and let your date do all or most of the talking

Ask questions but then not answer those same questions when it’s your turn to

Order multiple plates of food because you want to have lunch for work tomorrow

Look away or down at your plate when talking to your date.

Be extra or act like someone you think your date will fall in love with

These do’s and don’t are just our thoughts .What are your do’s and don’ts  of first dates ?

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