3 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas You Should Definitely Try

3 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Celebrate Mother’s Day by spending quality time with your Mummy. These dates are budget-friendly and guaranteed to bring a smile on that special lady 

Mani and a Movie

We all want a little pampering here and there -and of course we love to feel appreciated .So why not have a chick flick movie marathon with your original BFF . Show off your mad movie snack skills ,pick your favorite chick flicks ,break out all the polishes and cater to the leading lady in your life.


We love to look good and we got it from our mum (are we right !?) .Take mum to her favorite store and let her pick one or two items or better yet gift her with a gift card afterwards. Sometimes shopping with mum is a bad idea but the smile on her face will be worth it .

Make Memories
Memories are made with a lot of firsts (for example, we bet you still remember your first makeup attempt *cringe*). So, how about knocking a few items off both your bucket lists. Get matching tattoos, sing our hearts out at karaoke night, or go bungee jumping .

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