3 Unique Ways To De-stress During End Of Semester Exams

3 Unique Ways To De-stress During End Of Semester Exams

Exam week: the most dreaded week of the school year. You are faced with the challenge of keeping your grades high while praying that your skin doesn’t break out and you don’t lose your mind *sigh*. You may not have time to re-watch Black Panther -so how can you DE-stress ? Well we have 3 unique ways guaranteed to help you (or at least try)..

Revenge Glow-Up

We not talking about a full $100+ glow up but rather the student’s version of glow-up. “Glow-up” can mean painting your nails, taking a hot/cold shower, styling your hair, or anything else that makes you feel fifty shades of attractive


Calling a Friend

There’s no faster way to calm the nerves than laughing (or ranting) with a friend. They’re probably studying too and can relate to the struggle.


Get your Book Game On

Ultimately, there’s no better way to De-stress than  actually studying , knowing your stuff, and walking into that exam knowing you gave it your best shot.

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