5 Thoughts Everyone Has While Studying for Exams

5 Thoughts Everyone Has While Studying for Exams

Exam week is almost here (or is here), which means it’s time to gear up for those all-nighters and midnight mental breakdowns. Since you’re already freaking out about exams ,here are 5 thoughts we all have while studying for exams !

1.What’s the lowest grade I can get on this exam to still pass the class?

2.  I’ll just watch one episode of Riverdale. And scroll through Twitter for a bit, and check Instagram, and check my messages on Whatsapp…

3.  If I don’t take a break soon, my head is going to explode.

4. I need a nap. A week-long nap.

5. I probably should have started reading earlier 


What thoughts do you have ? Sound off below

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