3 Reasons Why You Should Talk About ‘The Cookie” With Your Friends

3 Reasons Why You Should Talk About ‘The Cookie” With Your Friends

Thinking about asking your friends  for a few tips here and there  (go for it!!) or just thinking about whether  you are doing it right? Here’s why you need to talk to your BFFs about it .

1.You get to separate truth from fiction 

As young women,we’ve had crazy stories about ‘the cookie’ . Women who have too much sex are going to hell; waiting until marriage is bad; sex in the daylight is abnormal . Being able to talk with your girls can help you separate truth from fiction.

2.  You get to learn a thing or two 

You can learn a LOT from your friends  and we pretty sure that not everything can be learnt in solace. Learning  things like STIs, birth control, fertility, and just overall sexual wellness is important if you’re sexually active. They might even have gone through a similar experience like you and offer sound advice .

3. It’s SO Fun and Non-Judgmental !

Nothing beats knowing that you can be honest with your girl gang in a set up that may include wine ,a couch and no censors just coz .

Do you talk about sex with your friends? Has Talking About It Helped You?! Sound Off Below!

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  1. Nessah

    Just yesterday I was talking to my bestie about contraception and I learnt a LOT because I have never used any and the info she shared is going to be very helpful in future. Talking about these things also makes us closer with our friends.

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