5 Protective Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

5 Protective Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

Winter doesn’t always treat our hair right -the cold air makes our natural hair lose its shine and break easily. Protective styles are the way to go, because you still love your hair, right? Here are the five best styles that will have you looking cute AND taking care of your hair at the same time!

1.Box Braids

This is probably our usual go to protective style—it has stood the test of time. . There are so many color options as well(if black isn’t your fave) , so just find  a good braider and look through all the different box braid styles before settling on the one for you .

2. Locs 

This tend to be quite costly but it’s probably the most stylish. If you have always wanted to have locs then this is the option for you

3. Twist 

If you’re not a fan of box braids, twists are a great alternative whether you use fake hair or not. If you’re feeling extra, you can have them long.

4. Wigs

Yes, wigs  will always be handy This has to be the easiest protective style when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Wigs can be really expensive, but they last for a while .

5. Headwrap

Don’t want to do your hair? Just pop on a cute beanie, or learn how to tie a head wrap. .

What is your  go to winter style ?

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