4 Things That Happen In Every Squad App Group

4 Things That Happen In Every Squad App Group

We all have that one group with our friends that if our frenemies ever got hold of, we would die of embarrassment and shame –because it’s that scandalous. Here are 4 things we all guilty of.

1. Advice

Whether you need advice on how to make zero lumpy soft porridge or a job decision your squad is dishing out the good and bad advice obviously but mostly good

2. Gossip

Your classmate got knocked up? You just hooked up with your brother’s friend? Your skirt ripped in half? Bring it to the group chart.

3. Screenshots

We have all the screenshots of that girl we love to hate who just moved to Joburg coz someone in the squad has the plug .Best believe we have them status screenshots, shoe shots and that hottie who just went shirtless on a beach in Cape Town.

4. Memes

Sometimes we just need a good laugh

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