5 Types of Friends in Your Squad

5 Types of Friends in Your Squad

Everyone has a squad/tribe or just a group of weirdos they just hang out with occasionally for a good old chat or to share a pizza slice with on Terrific Tuesday. Here are the 5 types of friends in your squad …


  1. The Mom

Just like our mom, this friend provides everyone in the squad with tons of hugs, support and cheers .She constantly looks out for everyone in the group –and we grateful. But when does mom let loose though?


  1. Nancy Drew

This friend can dig out the dirt on anyone and she seems to know everyone’s business like everyone’s dirty laundry. Crushing on someone? She will have the full profile on your crush before dinner.


  1. Life of the Party

She has the energy of a five year old and she will be on the dance-floor all night without even looking like they are putting effort. How does she even do that?


  1. The Sweetheart

We just love her and we don’t know why .She is never moody, never angry and she can’t stop smiling


  1. The Oprah of the group

She is the mediator of the group, neutralizes fights and she keeps the whole squad on a positive meter

miss prowl

Just another sleep deprived university student cruising through with one-too-many cups of Rooibos Tea and a sense of humor

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