The Prowler’s Guide to Moving Out: Questions you need to Ask

The Prowler’s Guide to Moving Out: Questions you need to Ask

So you have decided to move out and ditch your permanent roomies (mom, dad or that annoying person that wears your clothes without your permission). Or you have gotten a new job in a different city (Congrats GF). Finding a place to stay can be stressful no matter where you ‘re moving to or from. So we compiled these tips to make hunting for a house easy.

  1. What is my budget?

Let’s be real: The ideal house is straight out of your Pinterest board *sigh* but in the real world you have to weigh the cost of the rent against your wallet/bank account. Don’t overspend on rent since you are going to want to eat, travel and have other commitments as well.

  1. When should I Move?

If you are starting a new job in a different city it’s wise to move to your new house a week before to familiarise yourself with the neighbourhood and to hunt for a house you like.


  1. What am I looking for?

Are you looking for a one-bedroom cottage or two-bedroom with tons of space? Find something that matches your criteria and needs as well as your affordability meter.

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  1. millicent

    insghtful. also neghbourhood matters as much as budget. one should look into how safe the neghbourhood is.

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