Lessons you will Learn When you start living by yourself

Nothing beats that feeling of being the queen of your castle. You don’t have to wait for in line to use the bathroom and you can skip spinach for dinner *insert smiley emoji*. The highlight about living alone is that you get to figure out the kind of person you are .So here are our top 3 lessons you likely to learn when you leave by yourself :

  1. You get to discover if you are an introvert or extrovert

You have no mum to DE-motivate you from attending that party with Tonde


  1. You get to discover if you actually clean or just a messy human being

There is no one to blame except yourself for a pile of dirty clothes and dishes so well living alone is a test in itself


  1. You likely to eat less healthy and more junk food

Living alone means buying groceries and actually cooking –and did we mention the dishes? Well then when you leave alone you have to deal with all that and not blame Susan.


  1. You likely to wear less jeans and more leggings (or pyjamas all day)

You can happily wear whatever you want in your house without the fear of bumping into someone in your very ‘mini’ dress

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