The Types Of Friends We All Have During A Break-Up

The Types Of Friends We All Have During A Break-Up

Nothing sucks than a breakup with the guy that promised to hold your hand and the source of your hour-long midnight calls. Thankfully we can always turn to our friends for comfort and we compiled the types of friends we all have during a break-up.

1.Sympathetic Shamie  

This is the girl that lets you cry on her shoulder and finish her tissue roll. She’ll always be there for you with comfort food and a feel-good movie.

2. Angry Anesu 

This one is more dangerous than the boogeyman. She is prepared to kick his behind if she bumps into him and trash his joint than let you cry on her shoulder.

3. Get Over Yourself Gamu 

She has absolutely no patience for your crying or revenge plans. She will take you to the saloon, take you to church and hook you up with her cousin.

4. Positive Patie 

She is the hopeless romantic that is hopeful that you will leave your house one day and bump into the one.

Which one are you?


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