3 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Friends When You are Dating

1. You only hang out one-on-one when your boo is busy
We get it, you are in love. But don’t call Tendai when the boyfriend is having boys night -it’s disrespectful to your girl. Bae is great, but if you can’t appreciate a shared pizza and a little too much wine with your best friend, you are not truly living.

2.  You bring your BAE everywhere

Your BFF (main Shamwari) is going through the most and thought it’d just be you two meeting up to talk it out, except LOL, nope! You brought Levy, who she doesn’t know very well and is therefore limited to only talking about that Koala accident along the Chitungwiza road. It’s so simple GIRL -make time for your BFF.

3. You just talk about your relationship non-stop 

It’s all you talk about -in the WhatsApp group, at lunch with the girls, in every conversation (staaap!). Your friends will avoid you if you won’t shut up. Talk about your new job or just about anything except him for an hour or so.


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