5 things You Will Discover at University

5 things You Will Discover at University

Congratulation on making it to university (Yipeee). Here are 5 things you will discover about life at university.

  1. The struggle for housing is real (if you are that unlucky fella that didn’t make it to the official campus res SORRY ), so may the odds be ever in your favour.
  2.  Tonde won’t change because he is now at University neither will your taste in men.
  3. Every day is happy hour and not just Fridays anymore. Why? Because varsity students are varsity students (we can’t explain this tho).
  4. You won’t always be that close to high school friend especially if she is in another city. School work will keep you busy and believe us when we say it’s not your fault.
  5. Your University Years Will Be The Best Of Your Life.

Good luck!

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