8 Thoughts Every Varsity Graduate Has

  1. I have all the time in the world! Now I can finally binge-watch those TV series I’ve been putting off since I started slacking on them because of Dissertation. And I can finally update my Instagram!
  2. I need to get a job. I can’t be stuck at home running errands and house sitting like Bhoki outside.
  3. Why didn’t I network as well?I would be at a job by now*sigh*
  4. I’ve a job interview! Mama pray for me please, I hope I don’t screw it up.
  5.  It’s been weeks and I still haven’t gotten a call-back from any of the companies I applied at. Did I screw up my interview ? Am i underqualified?
  6. Oh wow, another schoolmate has landed a job, while I’m just here bitterly witnessing their successes on Instagram. Zvavo!
  7. . Maybe I should go for my master’s degree…? Yes? No? But ugh, dissertation ruined my life.
  8. Can I just get any job? money is money!
featured image:pexels.com
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