The Four Types Of Lecturers Your School Has

The Four Types Of Lecturers Your School Has

1. The Oldie 

He’s been at the school for as long as EVERYONE can remember (your sister might have been taught by him as well). He talks slowly, walks slowly, and he is your favorite because he is chilled (and also you can nap sometimes ).

2. The Chameleon

They are fun, considerate and just seem perfect  …until you see your end of semester results. The shock!

3. Hitler

Even the laziest and sleepiest in your class studies for the subject he’s teaching because no one is safe! He’s a living legend in your school. Everyone warns you about them and everyone pities you yet you survive.

4. The Homie

They are the type that stays longer in class, know your name and you understand what they are teaching.

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