Book Review : Tine Mataz :Turning Pain into Power :The Journey of an Endometriosis Warrior

Book Review : Tine Mataz :Turning Pain into Power :The Journey of an Endometriosis Warrior

What do you call a young woman who is strong, determined and believes the three cardinal rules to getting ahead in life are “don’t be mean” “don’t feel sorry for yourself” and “don’t be ugly”?

A Warrior.

That is the perfect word to describe Tine Mataz ,the author of Turning Pain into Power :The Journey of an Endometriosis WarriorDon’t let the title fool you; this is definitely not one of those boring *smile* memoirs that you can’t relate to. Rather this book is an honest take on Endometriosis and one young woman’s journey to become the best version of herself -and yes she even talked about the doting handsome boyfriend *sigh*

If you need some inspiration or basic Endometriosis knowledge, don’t despair! Tine has got you covered here too, with her almost painfully accurate and detailed struggle with Endo  you will be sobbing through the book . The book will keep you up at night and your emotions will be taken for a rollercoaster ride. They will be moments you will cry *sob*, moments you will celebrate with her *go girl* and moments when you just want to pick up the phone and tell her ‘she is amazing’.

Whether you’re a I-don’t-cry-for-anything Prowler or just one of those that need a book about an inspiring black woman, this book is likely to become a fast favorite as long as you’re a living, breathing girl. The best part? The workout you’ll get from laughing so hard.,crying so hard and cheering her on is so worth it!. Treat yourself to ice-cream when you finish — as a toast to this brave girl.

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