Things Your Underwear Wish You Knew

Things Your Underwear Wish You Knew

Your underwear deserves an award for keeping your lady bits in check. So we compiled the underwear mistakes you are making and the lies you tell yourselves.

Going commando to bed is a No-No 

The heat is in full swing so stop feeling grossed out for going commando to bed. Allow your bits to breathe and avoid heat getting trapped which can allow bacteria to grow.
Most people think going commando is gross, but not wearing underwear to bed actually

Cotton is so high school and Lace is more Grown-ish

We all have that one pair (or two) of super cute lace undies, but it turns out they aren’t really that cool. The material can be hard on our skin and can cause irritation. So indulge your lady bits in some cotton too.

Scented Detergent smells good

Nothing beats the smell of fresh laundry but some scented detergents may not be that good for your lady bits. Some may cause rash and skin irritation-SIS, look after your lady bits.

Saving underwear after working out 

Swapping that sweaty pair for a clean one post workout is extremely important. Moist, warm areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi so change them out as soon as you are done your workout.

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