5 Mistakes First Years Should Stop Making

5 Mistakes First Years Should Stop Making

 Here, you’ll find 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make as a first year at UNIVERSITY!

Not going out ever.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being an introvert, however, the main idea is that at the very beginning of your student life, you need to be outgoing so that you can meet people and make friends.

Not asking for help

No man is an island. Get help when you need it.

Underestimating the work you have to get done.

If you thought that varsity would be easy — think twice. High school is a piece of cake compared to what you’re about to go through.

Worrying too much

Your mental health is important. Take care of yourself!.

Not sleeping enough

Not getting enough sleep is a double-edged sword. You might actually get more work done from one point of view. However, lack of rest is very damaging to your intellectual performance. There is a considerable body of research that looks into the adverse effects of sleep deprivation in students.


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