What Your Nail Polish Says About You

What Your Nail Polish Says About You

*This is just our opinion*
It’s hard to miss if we being honest *show it off girl*, red nail polish tells the world that you are confident and bold.

It’s always better to go bare than to have chipped polish. And some weeks, it’s best to skip high-maintenance colours altogether. Colourless/clear polish tells people you care about your appearance and pay attention to detail, but are pressed for time.

Nails with Designs

This tells people you’re not afraid of taking risks and that you value your individuality.


Nude shades look pretty and polished in the most understated way. This shade tells people that you are subtle and low maintenance.


This cute colour just shows that you are cute and feminine.


Just as wearing black conveys power and authority, black polish shows the world that you’re not someone to be messed with.

Green +Other Bold Colors

You are daring and fun.

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