4 Money Saving Hacks When Out With The Girls

4 Money Saving Hacks When Out With The Girls

Saving money is hard and trying to not go overboard on the casual lunch date with the girls is right up there with trying to cram a semester load of work in a night. So we dishing out 5 money-saving hacks you could use to save the $$.


1. Get Information about the menu
Research isn’t only for assignments, do some research about the place you want to go before you actually go. The internet is your oyster––search for menus, prices on Google and check out their Facebook page. This helps you know what to expect as well as guide you to how much money you should carry.
2. Sharing Is Caring 
Going out with the girls to a new place? Well then, order different things and try out everything to get a taste of everything while saving a buck.
3. Don’t go out on an empty stomach
Eating something small before you actually leave the house can help you save a dollar because you won’t be tempted to order a lot of food.
4. Don’t be scared to ask about specials
Trust the waiter to assist you -they know better.
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