Study Tips You Need Right Now

Study Tips You Need Right Now

Studying is hard especially when it’s so hot that you find yourself dozing off or quickly getting distracted. So here are a few study tips to help you get through your exams:

1. Turn your phone off (or put it on silent)

This is so obvious even your mum tells you all the time right? But so many people still have their phone close by when studying and this is a bad idea. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF!I know it’s hard to be separated from your phone (like hello IG notification)  but you need to at least put it on silent if not off.

2. Find the perfect study time for you

For some people studying at 2 AM is the perfect time to study, for some people, it’s at 12 PM and others it’s a non-stop marathon the whole day, you just have to find what works for you best. Some of you might have jobs and other commitments so you have to factor in too so make sure you find out times

3. Find your study haven

Another one of the study tips is to find the perfect place to study, so this might be on your own desk in your bedroom, the dining room table or the library.

4. Keep your notes short and simple

Don’t write essays when you’re studying because you will not be able to remember all of that. All you need to do is write everything short and simple.

5. Don’t procrastinate

Stop putting off studying as appealing as watching the next episode of Greys Anatomy is, you have to do it or you will regret it later on.

6.  Start eating healthy

Eat healthily when studying! You need good nutrients to keep you awake and also stay hydrated.

7. Take breaks 

Taking breaks are very important too, maybe take an hour nap after a few hours of studying, take a walk for half an hour or even watch an episode of your favourite TV show. Make sure you don’t overwork!

What study tips do you use to help you through exams? Let us know in the comments

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