Things You Should Avoid Doing A Makeout Sesh

Things You Should Avoid Doing A Makeout Sesh

Do you think you are screwing up when it comes to making out with bae? Not to worry—we’ve compiled a list of the biggest mistakes *according to our homie*  you could be making during your kissing sesh.

1. Too much tongue is a NO!

Sloppy kisses are a huge turnoff, so don’t go overboard with the tongue, especially at first. To start, gently touch your tongue to your partner’s, and slowly add a little more if they seem receptive.

2. Your teeth want in on the action

There are right ways to use your teeth while kissing, but aggressive biting is definitely not one of them. Some people are into soft lip biting, but keep it to a minimum before you know what your partner likes.

3. Your eyes are wide open 

Kissing itself can get pretty awkward (we know you know), but staring straight into bae’s eyes during kissing is way too awkward.

4. Your onion breath is in the way
Fresh breath is a must before going in for a kiss. Keep a mint or piece of gum handy and avoid those smelly foods!
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