Facial Hair 101

Facial Hair 101

Facial hair can be a drag  *eye roll* and removing it can be draining. We have compiled a guide to help you look less of an ape and more of a babe.


We recommend: threading or plucking

You’ll have to go old-school for dem brows and keep it together during threading (it can be painful).


We recommend: threading, hair removal creams, shaving

Waxing works well but be ready for *ouch* moments. You could also try shaving but prepare for the possibility that hair may feel stubbly as it grows back.



We recommend: threading, waxing, hair removal creams, shaving

Chin hair is entirely dependent on how much you have. If it’s just one then plucking might be an option. But then again we have always been told that you don’t pull out chin hair (ndebvu)

NB: if you’re currently on your period, maybe wait a few days – your skin will be more sensitive and your pain threshold lowered.

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