This Morning Habit Reveals What Kind of Person You Are

This Morning Habit Reveals What Kind of Person You Are

Beauty sleep is important, that much is for sure. But it turns out that what you do first thing after rising from a good night’s rest reveals key traits about your personality. In a new study commissioned by the slumber experts at Sleepopolis, it was found that people who make their beds in the morning differ greatly than those who don’t, in ways that include the amount of sex they have to the types of television shows they prefer.

According to the study, which surveyed 2,000 Americans and their morning habits, those participants who made their bed reported more sex on a weekly basis (three times per week, to be exact), regular exercise, and the ability to wake up without the help of an alarm. Bed-makers were also more likely to work in health or technology fields, and they identified as being confident, adventurous, sociable, and high-maintenance.

As for the people who prefer a messier sleeping situation? It was reported that those respondents hit snooze on the regular, have sex twice per week, and work in business or finance fields. They also identified as being shy, curious, sarcastic, and moody, and they’re more likely to enjoy rock music and Seinfeld reruns, in addition to comedy movies.

Sleep quality came into play too, with those who make their beds rising about 16 minutes earlier than those who don’t. However, participants across the board averaged only six-and-a-half hours of sleep per night. So whether or not making your bed is at the top of your morning to-do list, it’s safe to say we could all benefit from a few additional hours of shut-eye.

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