The Prowler’s Guide To Shopping For Sunglasses

The Prowler’s Guide To Shopping For Sunglasses

Shopping for sunglasses can induce a minor headache if you are not sure what sunglasses go with your face (you are not alone FAM). So we’ve compiled a mini-guide to help you shop for glasses.


  1. Know your face shape.

    There are four basic face shapes: Heart, Oval, Round, and Square. Know which one’s yours before you go shopping!
    2. Heart-Shaped FaceRecommendation: Aviator Frames


    Aviators help balance out your pointy chin by drawing attention to your cheekbones.


    Recommendation: rounder frames.



    These frames won’t let your face look too long, especially in photos!


    Round FaceRecommendation: Square Frames





    The angular shape of the sunglasses will define your soft features.


 Recommendation. check out thicker, rounder frames.

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Because you have a strong jawline, you’ll need these frames to slightly soften your look, without compromising your face shape.

Happy Shopping Prowlers!

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