Your Phone Can Help You Study Better

Your Phone Can Help You Study Better

Sometimes, as a student, you just can’t help it. In the middle of a group discussion, whether your phone vibrates or you are just plain bored, there is this urge that hits you to get your phone from your pocket and you end up scrolling your Instagram feed or sending smiley emojis to your  BFF. If we are being honest you right up there with us and you can’t get enough of your phone. We compiled the five things you can use your phone to get ahead of school.

  1. Create an Online Study Group

Relax Sis, we are not saying it’s time to stop staring into your crush’s eyes when he describes molecular biology like he is reciting a love poem to you. We are saying, WhatsApp groups are not for just gossiping or deciphering crush signals but they can actually be for class.  So create a group chat to keep up with your studies as well as have answers on the go because nothing sucks than waiting for morning to ask about something you read that confused you.

2. Using a timer for a more productive study time.

Sometimes you really want to study but you have the focus of a bee in a garden full of flowers. You are not alone!. There are way too many things out there that are just begging for your attention— a shirtless guy running? Where?!

If you’re struggling to stay focused, try the Pomodoro Technique, so your mind doesn’t wander off when you think you have so much time to spare. Set the timer on your phone to 25 minutes for a short study period. When the timer goes off, take a five-minute break, reset the timer, and continue studying. After four sets of 25-minute study periods, reward yourself with a 20-minute break, then hit the books again.

3. Capture the important stuff.

Aren’t we glad we live in an era where we have built-in cameras in our phones? So why not capture diagrams or notes from a peer or lecturer’s slide to help you remember.  FYI: selfies are totally acceptable too.



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