Beginners guide to Linkedln

Getting an internship or a job post university is not easy. So one of the tools we are using to bag jobs or internships is Linkedln .Now , hold on to your chair and take deep breaths Susan , Linkeldn is not that scary .We are sharing the basics of getting started on Linkeldn. You welcome ?

1. Download the Linkeldn app or sign up on your PC

Pick the option that works for you. At the end of the day is about what can you access faster and yep, you can both access it via your PC or mobile. Create your account and this basically is done in 10 minutes or less.

2. Upload a profile picture

Profile pictures are important! Profiles that have a picture get up to 21 times more views. Make sure you are dressed professionally in your headshot and choose a background that isn’t distracting – a solid color is preferable.

3. Fill in relevant information

When it comes to your work experience, LinkedIn should read similarly to your CV. Thus start by filling the most important information that is relevant to the job you are looking for. With that said avoid filling in falsified information.

4. Be Active

It is a social network after all, so go ahead and be social!

So why not give Linkedln a go today.


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