Signs That Your BF’s Bestie Want’s You Gone

Signs That Your BF’s Bestie Want’s You Gone

If you are being honest with yourself, you have at some point in life been worried about his female bestie *same*. Then again—from just purely observing, definitely not from experience—you’ve probably also ruined a totally great relationship, or at least damaged a relationship by being a jealous  crazy bish when nothing was going on. So we compiled a list of signs that she wants you gone-like out of his life gone.

 1. She Pretends You Not There

If your boyfriend has a close female friend who shows no interest in getting to know you or acts like you are in Haiti when you are sitting next to her then girl you are in trouble. Also by never asking to meet you, your boyfriend’s “bestie” is, at best, telling you that she doesn’t care about you  and subtly implying that you are trespassing.  If you constantly reach out to her so you could be friends and she keeps blueticking your app messages-she wants you gone.


2. She Is Touchy Feely With Him-A Lot

You are not a psycho ! Friends hug and it’s totally normal  so when it comes to your BF being touchy feely with his friend ,go with your gut. Nothing is as weird as them caressing thighs,bumping noses and butt slapping each other in front of you .Uhmmm could be normal in your world -so go with your gut on this one.

3. They Know Each Other’s Body Parts 

You got to love biology . Who doesn’t want to know their body like seriously ? But if your BF can tell you the exact number of scars or tattoos on his friend’s body and where they are -you need to straight up sign up for yoga (because you need to breathe before you lose it)

4. She Sends Him Emotional Texts (especially when drunk)

If she goes to him for support after a breakup, that’s not necessarily a red flag. But if she texts him highly affectionate or deeply personal things when her inhibitions are lowered (aka she’s drunk AF), it may be a clue into what she wishes their relationship was like. And if she starts sending ” Why not come sleep over tonight texts” call him and set him straight.


What other signs can tell you she wants you out? Sound off below


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