Sleeping With An Ex Could Help You Get Over A Break-Up

Sleeping With An Ex Could Help You Get Over A Break-Up

We have always been told that hooking up with an ex is a bad idea: you could catch feelings or worse you can become the side dish.


According to a new study, sleeping with an ex-flame can actually help you heal post-breakup. Researchers examined a group of 113 adults who had recently split up with their partners. Specifically, they analyzed how their post-break-up behavior affected the time it took them to move on.

For a period of four weeks, researchers asked participants to keep a daily diary documenting their feelings and actions towards their ex-partners (including any contact made since calling it quits.) The participants then checked up on participants after two months and asked them how emotionally attached they still felt.

What did they found you ask?

Surprisingly, those who’d done the deed reported a stronger connection to the person. But this didn’t have any effect on their overall recovery. In fact, participants felt a surge in positive emotions following the act and even a sense of closure.

And these findings weren’t a once off. Even, UK sex expert Tracey Cox reckons that sleeping with an ex could be the key to closure.

“Sometimes we need to go back to move forward, and revisiting the sexual side of the relationship can sometimes make us see very clearly that we’ve idealized the relationship or feel much less pain than we thought,” she said in an interview with Naked Divorce. “So there’s a sense of closure that can be helpful.”

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This article was originally published on Women's Health


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