Types Of Guys You Gonna Date

Types Of Guys You Gonna Date

1. The Sensitive Nerd

He listens to Sadza in the morning on a loop and wears t-shirts with cheesy sayings such as ‘I am a proton”, but then one day in the middle of a Hallmark movie he starts to cry and shocks you silly.

2. The Kind of Old Guy
You’re 20; he’s 35. Somehow you’re attracted to him and you try to pursue it, but then you start realizing he is seriously way too old for you and people begin to think you are using him for his money.

3. The One Amai Will Like
He’s a doctor! He’s Idris Elba yummy! He knows who Takura is! He … is perfect but you still break up with him.

4. The Manket

 You break up with a guy, you call him. You get dumped, you call him. You’re feeling like kind of flirting with someone with no intention of it going any further, you call him. The whole situation is not that great.

5. The Player

He actually knows and uses Pick-Up lines straight from the Internet (hmm I can use Google too)  and thinks he can keep your legs open 24/7. Blowing him off/ignoring his “texts” will be one of your proudest moments.

6. The Possessive Guy

You flirted with him once when you were just having a bad day and he immediately baed you up.

7. The Guy Who Calls You His GF Too Soon
You just showed up twice for a brotha and next thing you know, you have matching hoodies and pet names, “Um, what just happened?”

8. The Guy Who Is Everywhere Except Near You

Around the world in 365 days !?

9. The Guy Still Not Over His Ex

It hits him fast and hard! He could be chilled with you one minute and the next he is talking about Mudiwa Janet .smh.



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