Mistakes You Need To Stop Making After Sex

Mistakes You Need To Stop Making After Sex

Sex can be an enjoyable experience but what you do after that might cost you your health. You need to keep in mind on how you should take care of yourself after intercourse as it may lead to infections or risk of getting STIs or unwanted pregnancy. With that said here are a few mistakes you need to stop making.

  1. Not peeing

We know you’re probably tired after that ah-mazing workout but you’ve got to make it a point to get up and pee. Us women we have a shorter urethra that means bacteria will travel its way to your bladder and cause a urine infection. So when peeing, you’re actually flushing out those nasty bacteria out of your system.

2.Not wiping your vajajay from front to back

Here’s an important rule, never wipe your vaginas from the back to front, always the other way around. If you disobey this, you’re actually dragging those bacterias from the rectum to your urethra, which will lead to infections like cystitis. Yuck!

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3. Not checking birth control and skipping the pill

It’s great that you’re using a condom but unless you’re planning to start a family anytime soon, check if it is still intact when you’re finished. Cos you don’t want an unwelcome STI or unwanted pregnancy, now do you? Also, don’t forget to take your daily dose of those contraceptive pills.

4. Ignoring the post-sex pain

Don’t keep your peace when it comes to dealing the pain! If you feel pain down there during or after sex, please have it checked. It could be because of fibroids or vaginal dryness which can easily be treated.

5. Ignoring  increased discharge

All women release discharge, it’s pretty common and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  If yours looks dark and smells abnormal it may be a sign that you have a yeast infection or the presence of an STI. Quickly have yourself checked by a doctor and get tested.


6. Waiting for gynecologist for emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is ideal now than later. If you’ve had unprotected sex, it’s better to run to your nearest pharmacy. Unless you and your partner are planning on being parents.


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