3 Perks of Being Single

3 Perks of Being Single

Breakups can be stressful AF. Add the millennial break up problem of who gets the homies in the mix ,and you’ve got yourself the worst breakup story in your squad. Before you feel sorry for yourself for being single,here are 3 perks why being single can be LIT.

1. You get to have a glow up 

You can upgrade your wardrobe and change your look. You can even invest in the curly weave you have been dying to try on.Your Insta feed will thank you

2. You get to watch what you want

Gone are the days of a life sized human chicken that shudders at the thought of watching Horror or adding butter to their popcorn .You can watch whatever you want and add as much butter as you want.

3. You get to fall in love with yourself again

You can try out a new food place , buy that wine you been dying to try , or read that book . It’s all about you. Don’t be surprised if you end up falling in love with yourself again.

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  1. Natallie

    I guess you right positivity will correct the whole thing … bfre u know t u b back on the saddle

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