Are you on a date?

Are you on a date?

Nothing beats the thrill of going on a date (so up there with you SIS) but how can you tell if you are on a date or just hanging out ? Read on and feel free to holla back at your girl with other tell tale signs -deal !?

  1. He invites his homies and their homies

Unless you playing tug of war or you are the first Zimbabwean Contestant on the Bachelor -keep it moving (heart wise we mean). It’s probably not a date if you are doing a group activity and he pretty much ignores you half the tim

2.He talks about his ex (like a lot) 

If his ex is mentioned more often than you chugging your water cup, this guy is probably more interested in hearing a woman’s perspective on why she left him than upgrading you to BAE status.

3. He doesn’t make an effort to dress up or bath

Girl you just a FRIEND if he doesn’t even bother brushing his teeth or washing his face . You just hanging out!

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