Life Saving Hacks To Make Your Bikini Wax Bearable

Life Saving Hacks To Make Your Bikini Wax Bearable

Nothing sucks than being summer ready (costume wise) and trying to rock your bikini/swimming costume with Gonarezhou National park down there. Don’t cry we are sharing life-saving hacks to make waxing down there a breeze.

1. Pop a Painkiller 30 Minutes before waxing

A normal painkiller should help reduce the pain and the good news is that most painkillers have anti-inflammatory components too!

2. Don’t do it before your period

You’re wayyy too sensitive, from about five days before, through the end of your period. Thus avoid any or all kinds of waxing during this time, if possible. In fact, getting it right after your period is safer, because a woman’s pain tolerance is highest then.

3. Put a hold on fitness bae catch-up goals and tight clothes

If you workout within 48 hours of a waxing session you likely to turn your smooth vagina into a pimple-full work of art. Just save your body goals for another day. Wearing tight clothes and leggings can actually give you tons of ingrown hair.

What are your go to hacks? Sound off below SIS

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