Thoughts Of A Varsity Student

Thoughts Of A Varsity Student

Whether you’re a bright-eyed first year or a seasoned student you will encounter or say the following :

1. “I don’t have clean clothes”
Nothing sucks than trying to be early for an AM class (even though you woke up early) to find out that you don’t have any clean clothes.

2. “I hate group assignments”

Assignments can be a  breeze if you are paired with people that want to work. Start praying that you are not paired with the guy that doesn’t even contribute anything except his registration number. 

3. “I got 99 problems and money is one of them”

Nothing makes a girl smile than when the parents send money! Varsity can create a dent in your pocket faster than you can say I need money.5

4. “Isn’t that the guy I hooked up with on Orientation”
Keep walking girl -It happens to the best of us and you probably not alone.

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