Mini Wadrobe Checklist For The Girl On A Budget

Mini Wadrobe Checklist For The Girl On A Budget

I have a confession to make and if we are being honest with each other, sometimes we just too broke and unstylish (is it just me?) to look fashionable enough for a date or just basic existence so I compiled the mini checklist that I am using as a shopping guide (I am gonna try to stick to it).

  1. A plain white t-shirt

There should be a fashion rule that says “If in doubt, wear a white tee”somewhere.  A white tee goes with a fancy skirt, yellow jeans, and even a slip dress. So if you are investing in anything this year, make it a white tee.

2.  Flat Shoes

To the fashionistas, they are called ballet flats and to the common man like me (eye roll) they are flats or pumps. Flats are comfy -trust me when I say, your feet will thank you. Usually, when I am crunched for money, I tend to buy black because they go with everything.

3.  A Blazer

It’s a must-have. You can skip on buying pizza for a month and invest in a good blazer. It will save you on job interviews, events and so when you decide to buy a good blazer make sure it’s the right fit and it is a dark color. One time a homie bought a yellow blazer and she could not style it to save her life.

4. Black pants

When in doubt wear BLACK and I am sticking to that mantra. Friend trust me when I say it’s always a good idea to have a pair of black jeans/black formal pants than six pairs of mustard pants that you have no idea how to style. 

5. A Good Pair of Heels/Formal Shoes

Nothing will boost a person’s confidence like a good pair of heels! They don’t have to be Jimmy Choo so you can breathe a little easy -trust me when I say I have to win the lottery first for me to afford Jimmy Choo.

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