Life After Varsity : So This Is Adulting?

Life After Varsity : So This Is Adulting?

Since forever I have always wanted to be an adult complete with adult height minus adult bills and responsibilities. But now that I am an adult and leaving far from home in my own one-roomed house I would like to ask for permission to say to my younger self “Don’t grow up, its a sham”.

I have had to make serious decisions and life-altering choices. For your own amusement, I have listed down all the questions every adulting human has asked or will ask.

1. Can I afford a two-roomed house with my own bathroom or I should get one-room instead?

2. How are people saving money when I am getting peanuts?

3. How do I cook mac n’ cheese?

4. Do I need to buy pots or I can do cereal every day?

5. How many locks are enough for a door?

6. Should I carry a lunch bag to work?

7. Do I really need medical aid?

8. Do I have to attend every funeral in my community?

9. Will my mum know that I missed church?

10. Does anyone ever enjoy doing laundry?

What are some of the questions you ask yourself now?

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