Decoding your Crush’s Signals Using His Zodiac Sign

Decoding your Crush’s Signals Using His Zodiac Sign

Nothing sucks more than not knowing if your potential BAE likes you or not right!? I know sis! I have been there! Since I am that homie that cares, I did some research on what star signs do when they fancy somebody.


Aries are known for being nice so you will definitely know when they like you.


They are so picky they kinda remind me of myself at the supermarket try to pick the freshest vegetables ? so, if you’re not getting the vibes, then don’t push it. You will get hurt! When they like you , they will show it.


They might be a little mean to you when they want your attention so getting primary School Vibes all over again (sorry, I still am not into you Kuda)


Shy, sensitive and secretive…they will look at you when you not looking (*sigh*) so if you bold (like you so are) then why not go over and say hie.


Leos have to be the center of attention when a love interest is around. He will be the only guy crying so loud at a Trevor Dongo Love song.


When they like you,they will do your assignment or change your lihjybulb.


Libras can school you on flirting so if they flirting and showing you off they like you.


They are devious so they can act like they don’t care but you know they like you when they stare at you. Not creepy staring (like that old lady in the kombi ).


They are not romantic thus good luck and PS watch for the subtle signs and hints.


Self-control and poise mark Capricorns out, so don’t expect huge displays of affection. If they usually mean they will be a little nicer.


Aquarians are known as the Jack Frost of Zodiac signs , they rarely show emotion so when they start showings tons of emotions , you got them good.


Pisces are such romantics, they bring in all the works, compliments, blushing, smiles …lap it up, Sis because Pisces will make you feel mushy.

Let me know how it goes! Is he into you?

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