7 Tips For Incoming First Years

7 Tips For Incoming First Years

1. You DO NOT need to carry your whole room

I had to learn the hard way ?. Carrying a lot of things will not help you if your room is half the size of your room at home. So do yourself a favor and carry only the essentials.
2. Anticipate getting an awful or good roommate

Hey, you might get lucky and receive a great roommate, and become best friends over the year. But there is also a chance you get a roommate you may have nothing in common with and it is okay, just make the best of it.
3. Participate in activities

Participating in activities will allow you to meet more people, and make new friends, so step out of your comfort zone and mingle.
4. Procrastination will ruin you

Procrastinating is probably the worst things you can do in college. You do not want to be last minute Lesley all the time.
5. Canteen food will at times suck

Sometimes (or most times) your chicken will be half-cooked and your rice burned but you still get to eat it (yay right!?)

6. Your hookup won’t necessarily turn to your husband

Sometimes it’s just sex and nothing serious
7. Just Enjoy Varsity

Varsity may seem like work at first but it eventually gets better, so why not enjoy it!

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