10 Signs You Are Now An Adult

10 Signs You Are Now An Adult

In case you are in a denial here are 15 signs you are now an adult:  

  1. You actually have a budget. Gone are the days when you just splurged on whatever you wanted. 
  2.  You actually start wishing that you slept more and if you are being honest, you regret those days (remember primary school when you didn’t want to sleep at 8pm?) when you hated sleep.
  3.  You start not ignoring baby cries because you are now a decent human being who actually wants to help.
  4.  Did your body just start betraying you? Like since when do you have back pain?
  5.  You start using phrases like ” Kids these days are disrespectful”.
  6. Your phone is full of pictures of recipes you want to try and decor ideas for your house.
  7. Buying bathing slippers or a laundry basket makes you so excited.
  8.  Your taste in music suddenly changes. Like Beethoven anyone? 
  9. “I’m getting too old for this” becomes your phrase of choice
  10.  You actually have a funeral policy

Welcome to adulthood ?

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